Augmented Security

 Universal Strong Authentication Solution

'authentification forte à deux facteurs

Augmented Security, designs solutions built around its two-factors strong authentication engine.

These solutions allow the use of a smartphone as an authentication and validation terminal.

Augmented Security allows its clients to comply with the European Directive on DPS2 payments.

Augmented Security est forte du capital intellectuel créé par GenMsecure, créée en 2011 et dont elle a repris les actifs immatériels, dont les brevets.

Augmented Security's technological know-how can be applied in many fields:



Cardless money withdrawal




Quick and simple validation


WEB access

Securing access

Securing means of communication



Vehicle control

Power-up authorization


Augmented Security solutions

Augmented Security solutions are characterized by a very high level of security while maintaining very simple ergonomics for the user. The technology used is based on European Augmented Security patents.

The Augmented Security authentication engine allows strong authentication even when the network is not available. Its integration into websites, mobile applications and customer information systems is very easy to achieve thanks to adapted SDKs.








Augmented Security solutions were awarded the France Cyber Security Label in 2016.


Augmented Security usage simplicity albeit patented as well as its software security we offer while fully integrated in DSP2 standard, makes our solution an ideal tool. An example: the automotive industry. Today all vehicles are either connected to the internet or to GPS which explains why they offer proven hacking possibilities that can be dangerous. For instance, remote control or illegal data gathering or more. Of course, our solution is also ideal for e-commerce or any type of electronic signature.

Jacques Paucker

Associate President

It took us almost ten years of development to develop and patent Augmented Security. Our solution can be delivered as an SDK. It can be offered as a subscription, either by customers number or by clicks number. Our sales price is equivalent or lower than the cost of an SMS, a solution adopted by many sites today

Thanks to Augmented Security, the world of e-banking or e-commerce will save transactions time. What used to take an average of 20 seconds per transaction, and required access to two screens, will be done in 5 seconds on a single terminal. Which explains why Augmented Security makes it possible to multiply transactions while keeping the same bandwidth. Our clients are therefore more satisfied and so are our clients' clients!

Charles Orsel des Sagets

Chief sales officer and associate

Our solution can be integrated in a Linux, Windows, Mac, IOS or Android environment. For me it is a security revolution "made in France" that we should be proud of. The road was long, it took more than 9 years to obtain our patent, for example.

Sylvian Portier

Chief Software Engineer and associate