Electronic wallet with Strong Authentication from Augmented Security

Many retail companies control several brands with one or several e-commerce websites for each brand.

The use of an "electronic wallet" allows the Customer to pay for purchases on Group’s e-commerce sites and brands without having to provide personal and banking information for each payment.

In addition, some Customers make recurring purchases on the same e-commerce site. The use of an electronic wallet allows these customers to pay without having to provide their sensitive banking information each time.

In both cases, the use of an e-wallet allows the merchant site to build customer loyalty.

Access to an electronic wallet obviously requires a strong customer authentication, which can only reassure him/her about the security of his/her payments.

Access to the e-wallet is secured by Augmented Security's Smartphone Strong Authentication technology, which combines a high level of security with ease of use.

The Customer using an e-wallet can at any time consult his profile and his transactions. The Customer can recharge his e-wallet, when necessary, with his bank card.