Authentication before payment on e-commerce site

The data theft associated with credit cards (name, card number, expiration date, CVV) continues to grow and generates growing levels of fraud on e-commerce sites.

For the Merchant and his Bank, the "chargeback" rate becomes preponderant.

The systems put in place to secure payments on the Internet (3D Secure..) are cumbersome to use and many customers abandon their purchases before completing the payment process...

Thanks to its high level of security and its ease of use, the Augmented Security Strong Authentication solution provides an effective and simple answer to this problem.

Indeed, Augmented Security strong authentication simplifies the payment transaction:

- Allows the merchant to reduce its chargeback rate and to limit the abandonment rate during the purchase process.
- Gives confidence to the customer because no purchase can be made using his card(s), even in the case theft of his bank details.

The Augmented Security strong authentication solution is very easy to integrate into an existing e-commerce site using the SDKs provided with the product.

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